Will George Lucid Marry Phillip S sledding?

This is a very good question, one that worries many Canadians, but perhaps none more than the late John Stewart who predicted the upcoming marriage of the governor of New Mexico and the Mexican first lady as a way to help all Canadians keep their jobs. Of course, the New Mexican government quickly denied this and instead claimed that it was just a joke. Of course, this prompted many Canadians to begin asking just what Lucid meant when he said Canada would be better off with the Mexican first lady as its next Governor.

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The most likely scenario, according to political analyst and author, KevinNN, is that Lucid’s prediction is indeed far-fetched, to say the least. While it can be argued that Mexico’s government would not want to antagonize either the US or Canada, the fact remains that Mexico has an interest in supporting the US in its efforts to increase its hemisphere protection. Hence, there is no reason for Mexico to get cozy with Canada, no matter how Lucid wants to see it happen. Further, the current Mexican administration already has much to gain by helping the US and Canada work together on drug trade issues. So, the chances of them agreeing to an open marriage between the soon to be married George and Mrs. Lucid are very low at best.

On the other hand, the timing could be just right. There has been a lot of talk in Washington DC and across the country about the possibility of a fiscal war, which could further hurt both Mexico and Canada. In light of that, there have been many reports in the last few weeks that the Mexican government could be trying to use Canada to help it get tougher on the US. In the mean time, Canada may need all the help it can get in securing its borders and stopping illegal entries into the country. If that means welcoming George and Mrs. Lucid to Mexico, so be it, as that’s only fair.


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